The organization ‘Social Cooperative Activities for Vulnerable Groups’ (Abbreviation: K.S.D.E.O. “EDRA”) is a Non Profit Organization- Social Cooperative, active in the area of mental health and mental Retardation since 2001, aiming at the promotion of mental health, defense of the rights of vulnerable groups and the raising of the awareness of the public in general in matters concerning mental health.
The organization is certified with ISO 9001:2008 and managerial competency for the management and implementation of Co-funded Projects. It is a member of the Transparency Register of the European Union (524950719942-02), a member of the National Register of Organizations of Civil Society of the Private Sector which render services of social care, and also a member in the Special Register of Voluntary non-governmental organizations (09112ΣΥΤ12066041Ν0042) and in the Register of Cultural Organizations of the Ministry of Culture.

It is also a member of distinguished networks such as N.E.F.E.L.E. Network (Network of European Arts Festivals for Mental Health) currently serving as President of the Board, E.N.A.L.M.H. (European Network of Active Living for Mental Health) currently serving as Vice- President of the Board, EUFAMI (European Federation of People with Mental Illness), “ARGO”, the Federation of organizations for the Psycho-social Rehabilitation and Mental Health in Greece, a member of the Federation of Voluntary Non-governmental Organizations of Greece etc.
In order to ensure the quality as well as the efficiency of the provided services, the organization has a total staff of 189 employees, who are specialized in their operating field and share the culture and values which stem from its vision. Since the commencement of its operation, K.S.D.E.O. ‘EDRA’ has provided services to more than 1800 beneficiaries.

K.S.D.E.O. “EDRA” operates in the following sectors:
1. Mental Health
It operates twoUnits of psycho-social rehabilitation (Boarding Houses) and a supported apartments program with two shelter houses of semi-autonomous accomodation .within the framework of the de-institutionalization program «PSICHARGOS» , financed, supervised and in cooperation with the Greek Ministry of Health.

2. Mental Retardation
It operates the “Nefeli” Supported Living Residence (S.L.R.) for people with Down syndrome and moderate or severe intellectual disabilities co-occurring with signs of autism.

3. ChildandFamily
It operates eight Centers for children and adolescents with learning difficulties aged between 3 and 17 years all across Attica region,. The organization is cooperating with the municipalities of Peristeri, Ilion, AgioiAnargyroi, Kamatero, Daphni, Hymettus, Haidari, Ilioupoli, Kifissia, Neo Heracleon, AnoLiosia-Zephyri-Phyli). The e-learning program (Hydra) and the in-house treatment program are also a part of this sector. All structures are certified with ISO 9001:2008 and are rendered under the coverage of the insurance funds, without any additional financial contribution by the beneficiaries.
Also, it implements the “Chrysalida” program, in cooperation with the Municipalities of AgioiAnargyroi-Kamatero and Ilioupoli. This program involves two centers of Early Intervention-Pre-School Educationfor children with various syndromes aged between 0 and 6 years old. Last but not least, Children`s Cultural Club, an innovative cultural method of education and interesting entertainment proposal for children, is also being operated for the 9th consecutive year. The Club runs many interesting projects, one of which is an environmental program named «Garden in the Backyard!», -one the most established and well-known programs in the city of Athens- whichis carried out at the AntonisTritsis Park and in which all children between 5 and 12 years old are able to participate for free.

4. Vulnerable Social groups
Social Structures against Poverty, a national funded program, supervised by the Greek Ministry of Labor, has entered its 3rdh and final year of operation. The organization runs a Social Grocery, a Social Pharmacy, Common meals for the poor and a “Time bank”, all coordinated by an Intermediation Office, in cooperation with the municipality of Ilion.
The organization implements “Housing and Reintegration” project, a nationally funded project also supervised by the Greek Ministry of Labor, which secures housing for homeless people and help them find a job.


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