The General Directorate of Special Education and Guidance Services carries out its activities in two main fields as “special education services” and “guidance services”. To provide education access for the individuals who need special education; to increase the quality of special education services; providing educational, personal and vocational guidance services to students, parents and teachers is the basis of the work of the General Directorate. The institution is the most authoritative institution and policy maker in Turkey in terms of special education-vocational education and guidance services for disabled people.

Under the umbrella of the General Directorate of Special Education and Guidance Services, there are 1469 Special Education Institutions and 15,402 teachers who continue their education activities for different groups of disability. All programs and material standards of these centers, which are widely available throughout the country, are being prepared by our General Directorate and projects are being carried out within this scope.

Within organization scheme of General Directorate, there are 1 General Manager, 7 Head of Department and 96 personnel.

1. Education Policies Head Department,
2. Programmes and Teaching materials Head Department,
3. Special Education and Mainstreaming Head Department,
4. Development of Special Abilities Head Department,
5. Guidance Services Head Department,
6. Monitoring and Evaluation Head Department,
7. Research-Development and Projects Head Department.


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